The shooting list contains detailed instructions for every photograph you order. We need to receive your instructions in writing before we start shooting.

We recommend you to create and manage your shooting list directly through our website or to use our downloadable template. However, you may choose other ways to make a shooting list.

Please make sure that you include your order number on the shooting list. You can find your order number in your order confirmation email.

Your shooting list should include the following information for every photograph in your order (required fields are marked in bold):

  1. Shot number (used to identify the photograph)
  2. Name(s), label(s), or ID(s) of product(s) in the photograph
  3. Number of objects to appear in the photograph
  4. Background style (No Shadow, Natural Shadow, or Reflection)
  5. Camera angle
  6. Product rotation
  7. Any specific instructions on how to arrange and shoot the item(s)
    These additional instructions may specify positioning of the item(s), special lighting requirements, etc. Please make sure to include every important detail (for example, “items should not overlap” or “all logos must be visible”).
  8. Any helpful examples
    If you have any pictures, drawings, or sketches to use as an example, please attach them as well. Provide us with links to images that you find online, pictures made with your cellphone, etc. Please specify what you like about the image that you send us (product positioning, lighting, etc.)
  9. Please specify if a clipping path should be included

Detailed instructions are especially important for all group images. Please note that if you do not provide clear written instructions for the photograph, you will not be eligible for a free reshoot.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!