Step 1. Get an instant online quote or contact us for an estimate

Starting your product photography project with us is easy.

As a first step, you can get a free instant quote on your project on our website. The whole process is extremely simple and will only take several minutes of your time. Specify the type of products you have, the number of images required, any extras to be included, and receive your quote right away!

You don’t need to create an account or give us any contact information to get an instant quote.

Alternatively you can contact us to provide details about your product photography project. We will answer all your questions and send you an estimate.

Step 2. Place your order online

Create an account and place your order online.

With your account, you will be able to track your orders, provide us with instructions, review and approve your images, make payments, download your images, and arrange product returns. You may also ask questions and leave comments at any time. You will communicate directly with a product photographer assigned to your project.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an email confirmation.

Step 3. Create shooting instructions

To start photographing your products, we need your instructions on how to shoot them. We offer a great selection of background styles as well as camera angle and product rotation options. You can learn more about all of these options here.

If you have not decided on a particular style or composition yet, no worries! You can trust our experience. We will answer all your questions and offer our help and advice. Also, you may go with a “Photographer's Choice” option and let us decide on the best way to showcase your products.

Please supply us with a shooting list for your project. A shooting list is a document that contains detailed instructions for every photograph ordered. Shooting lists are fairly easy to make. Our site offers a convenient way to create and manage your shooting list online. This option becomes available as soon as you place an order. Just navigate to Your Orders page and choose Edit Shooting List for the appropriate order.

If you prefer to create a shooting list with a pen and paper, we encourage you to use our downloadable template and include a copy with your shipment. If you decide not to use our site or our template for compiling the list, please make sure that your shooting list contains all the required information as outlined in our guidelines. You may email your shooting list to us or include a printed copy along with your products.

Please don’t hesitate to mention all details that you find important, even minor ones! The more information we have, the better pictures we will be able to produce. Also, feel free to add any examples, pictures, and drawings that might be helpful. Send us links to websites, snapshots taken with your phone, etc.

Step 4. Send us your products

Carefully pack and ship your products to our Ohio studio at:

Blue Sky Product Photography
3673 Woodburne Drive
Mason, OH 45040

Please write down the order number on your package(s). We strongly recommend using a shipping method with a tracking number and sufficient insurance. You may also generate and include a return label from your carrier at the time of shipment so we can send your products back as soon as possible. Once your products arrive, we will immediately notify you by email.

As soon as we have your products in our studio, we will check them against the shooting list and let you know if we have any questions. From that moment, your shooting instructions will be considered final. In case you need to make any further changes to the shooting list, please contact us.

Your products will be carefully cleaned and prepared for shooting. We will send you another email with an estimated completion date just before we start photographing your products.

Step 5. Allow us several days to photograph your products

Most projects are done in 7-10 business days or less. For large orders (100+ photos) we will provide a custom estimated delivery date based on our workload.

To ensure the highest quality of our images, each photograph is subjected to meticulous inspection process. We perform all the necessary editing and retouching, and bring the background around the product to pure white. Now, the pictures are ready for your approval!

Step 6. Approve and download your images

Once the photographs are ready, you will receive an email notification from us. You will be invited to preview the images through our online gallery. Remember that you don’t have to pay anything until you approve the pictures! Reshoots are available in case you are not completely satisfied with the original image.

After you approve the images and we receive payment, you will be able to download them in full resolution. All our images come with a royalty free unlimited usage license.

Step 7. Let us know how to handle you products return

We can ship your products to the mailing address you provide, or donate your products to a local charity organization. The choice is completely yours! Navigate to Your Orders and select Manage Return Options from the list of available actions.

Please contact us if you have any questions!